We created a beautiful, organized site for this award-winning architecture studio. A custom design system allows each project to have its own layout. Our system strikes the right balance of simplicity and control, allowing for unity and variety.

We designed and coded it.

Curate. Organize. Feature.

We used an open-source content management to make adding and organizing projects easy. Projects can be organized by category, featured, and added to the all projects page. We created the perfect balance between control and ease-of-use.

Project pages

Flexible layout system. Make it a full case study or leave it as a simple project. Use animation or still images. Put text next to an image, or make the image full-width. Captions can appear under any image.

Stylish Menu

A menu presenting just the right information with stylish animations. Details have been worked out for different screen sizes and browsers.

News section

Option to post news items to this site, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn simultaneously.

Animated Home Page

A sophisticated slideshow with autoplay, controls, and ability to show both projects and news.

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