Typically web sites like the Center for Healthy African American Men through Partnerships (CHAAMPS) are a dry affair. We therefore wanted it to be visually impactful and engaging. Additionally, the site needed to be a hub for multiple research projects, each with its own set of administrators. We used WordPress multi-site to achieve that goal.

We designed and coded it.

Persona creation

Based on interviews with stakeholders, creating site visitor personas to guide features and design of the site.

Web portal

The homepage draws a visitor in visually and shows at a glance what the site is about. The slideshow provides an opportunity to present fresh content.

Research projects

CHAAMPS launched with 3 projects and is now outgrowing the navigation at 19 projects.

A mini-site for each project

Each project is essentially a mini-website with it’s own sections and private administration. Projects follow a consistent but flexible content strategy allowing for unity and variety between projects.

Application wizard

We built a simple submission process for new projects.

Health news

Health Pulse is a blog that contributes to CHAAMPS being a hub for health-related research of African American Men.

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