NYU’s College of Global Public Health conducted original research for its NIMICT initiative. That research needed to be organized into a website for other researchers. Adding resources would need to be easy. And being a NIH funded project, the site would need to meet ADA requirements which tend to limit the design. We created an organized resource site – using the metaphors of collections and tools – a beautiful design which is ADA compliant.

We designed and coded it.


Our innovative design system defined individual tools collected into toolkits. There are toolkits for principal investigators, researchers and participants.

Attractive and smart

We created an organized resource site with a system of collections and tools, a beautiful design, and ADA compliance.


We designed a flexible element called a tool. Tools can be infographics, videos, interactive quizzes, case studies or templates.

We had a bold vision and intricate design in mind for an interactive website. Jeff and his able team were able to make those thoughts and ideas a reality from just a few conversations with us. We are very pleased with our website and could not have done it without South Bend’s active support.

Nina Parikh, MPH, PhD

Easily find resources

Tools and other resources are organized by topic, type and team making them easy to browse.

Glossary of terms

We built a glossary of terms that show up throughout the site as tooltips or can be viewed as a list.

Optimistic logo

We designed the logo with a starburst of optimism.

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