SPUR’s downtown San Francisco office needed a branded environment across two floors. Our design promotes their mission “Ideas + Action for a Better City” and includes a custom exhibition of SPUR’s history in the Bay Area, which began in 1910.

We designed it.

A strong first impression

As visitors enter the building, they walk through graphics promoting SPUR’s mission and a photographic call to membership.

SPUR’s history

An exhibit of SPUR’s history uses actual documents, framed and artfully arranged, to tell their story.

Museum quality

Custom frames were created for each historical document, fitting them precisely. This gives the exhibit a “museum quality” feel.

Red zone

By painting the back two walls of the space, we created an interesting red block that draws people to the exhibit.

Poster graphics

As visitors enter the second floor, they are greeted by a wall-sized original graphic broadcasting one of SPUR’s goals and a cool red sink area with an extruded metal SPUR logo.

I have worked with countless design firms over the last two decades. Few if any of those experiences were as seamless and satisfying as when working with South Bend Design.

Allison Arieff, Editorial Director

Delightful details

Special moments add delight, like this graphic promoting climbing the stairs.

Street view

The poster graphics pop in the street view at night.

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