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We are a digital agency in San Francisco bringing a deep understanding of user interface, visual design, front end development and content management systems to your project.

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I cannot recommend Jeff Fassnacht highly enough. His solutions are elegant, his attention to detail unparalleled, his creativity, boundless. I have worked with South Bend multiple times and will continue to do so whenever possible.

-Allison Arieff, SPUR Editorial Director and NYTimes Design Columnist

We had a bold vision and intricate design in mind for an interactive website. Jeff and his able team were able to make those thoughts and ideas a reality from just a few conversations with us. We are very pleased with our website and could not have done it without South Bend’s active support.

-Nina S. Parikh, Clinical Associate Professor Of Social and Behavioral Sciences, New York University (NYU)

By taking the time to really get to know my firm and the culture that surrounds it, Jeff thoughtfully distilled the essential principles of our work into a successful brand identity.

-Andrea Cochran, Andrea Cochran Landscape Architecture (ACLA)


We design to enable our clients. Our approach to the design is both collaborative and agile. It is informed by a rich background in multiple disciplines – brand, interaction, and visual design. We bring our deep expertise together in a focused and efficient process. We’ve found this process maximizes our design deliveries to you.


We code to enable the design. Why would it matter whether we code it or leave it to another developer? We believe in delivering the best design solutions both in the front and back end. Coding it allows us to maintain the integrity of the designs we painstakingly create for our clients.

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