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Close the Gap

For the last five years, we’ve kept Opportunity Fund’s annual giving campaign interesting by engaging individual donors through a compelling concept, web page, and mail campaign. South Bend Design has helped this California NGO meet and exceed their fundraising goals each year.

Actual Architecture

We created a beautiful, organized site for this award-winning architecture studio. A custom design system allows each project to have its own layout. Our system strikes the right balance of simplicity and control, allowing for unity and variety.


Typically web sites like the Center for Healthy African American Men through Partnerships (CHAAMPS) are a dry affair. We therefore wanted it to be visually impactful and engaging. Additionally, the site needed to be a hub for multiple research projects, each with its own set of administrators. We used WordPress multi-site to achieve that goal.

Min Design Identity

Our design identity for Min Design, a nationally recognized architecture firm – in San Francisco, California – reflects the company’s playfulness,  sophistication, and boldness.

Farm Bill Video

Video “explainers” are a great way to simplify complex issues. South Bend Design provided storyboards outlining a vision for the story, and art direction to the illustrator, so animators could create the 7 minute video that had members of the Department of Agriculture saying “We need one of those!”

Andrea Cochran Landscape Architecture Identity

Logo and identity for Cooper-Hewitt National Design Award winning landscape design firm.

CHAAMPS Identity

Identity for the Center for Healthy African American Men through Partnerships (CHAAMPS).

FERN Website

For seven years we’ve helped the FERN, an investigative journalism non-profit in New York, amplify their stories’ reach. From donation systems to tools for distributing articles to in-site promotion systems, we’ve built it. It’s a comprehensive non-profit journalism online tool.

Ag Insider Website

We launched the Ag Insider–subscription-based daily reporting on agriculture, food, and the environment–for the Food & Environment Reporting Network.

FUSE Corps Website

The main challenge of this redesign was how to keep the valuable content which had been created over the years, yet imagine a new information structure and visual design that better reflected the client’s vision moving forward. The results are a refreshing visual design, hugely improved site flow, and robust new editorial section.

National Spelling Bee Logo

Little known story, Jeff Fassnacht designed the Scripps Howard National Spelling Bee logo just a year out of college, while working for Siebert Design. Each year we look forward to seeing the amazing children compete on a stage design that prominently features the logo.

Bruce Damonte Website

Bruce Damonte photographs the best in architecture and interiors. Not only does his site have an amazing design, but it manages to load image-heavy web pages without sacrificing speed, due to our optimization and coding techniques.

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