farm bill ‘explainer’ video

a video explaining the u.s. farm bill


The farm bill, explained. From its origins in the Great Depression to today. We designed this video for the Food & Environment Reporting Network, beginning with style frames.

style  frames

We continued with a set of rough storyboards using illustrations by Raymond Biesinger.

rough designs using sketches. beginning of color “story”.

refined illustrations and design

complete set of storyboards

The animators, Little Beast, took the storyboards and created the final video.

the finished video


Food & Environment Reporting Network:

Bridget Huber, Reporter

Little Beast, Inc., Animation

Tom Laskawy, Producer

Sam Fromartz, Editor

Deni Chamberlin, Photo Sourcing


South Bend Design:

Jeff Fassnacht, Design & Art Direction

Raymond Biesinger, Illustrator

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