fuse corps

redesign and build of a civic nonprofit site


This project was a redesign of an existing site. Part of the challenge was saving the extensive data and port it to the new site. We exported the data, reformatted it and imported it into the new site design. With our new data structure in place, we were able to connect the data dots in a way that didn’t exist before. Allowing for traversing the site connections between fellows, project, locations and stories.

projects, current fellows and alumni, and cities

South Bend Design was instrumental in helping our organization convey our messaging with a clean, modern, and approachable web design. The entire redesign process was smooth and timely. Jeff was an incredibly flexible, patient, and enthusiastic partner all the way to launch and beyond. We couldn’t ask for more from a design firm.

Tina Barseghian, Director of Impact Communications

page designs about the organization itself

designs for pages connecting fellows with cities

By integrating Safesforce with the Wordpress site, we automated lead creations and fellowship applications for FUSE.

custom wordpress

data relationship building across the site


salesforce integration

wordpress cms

interconnected data

robust editorial tools


FUSE Corps:

Tina Barseghian, Director of Impact Communications

Nancy Gage, President and COO

Irina Belova, Associate, Impact Communications

South Bend Design:

Jeff Fassnacht, Site Design and Development

Dan Jaworsky, Site Development

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