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With a site that didn’t work on mobile, and a growing company, SPUR needed a website overhaul. Our solution delivered a design optimized for mobile. It can filter content by location. The site reflects the brand and uses the latest code libraries. SPUR devs were left with a UI kit of parts to easily build new features.

policy and exhibition pages

looks great on laptops, too 😀

high marks for mobile usability from google

I cannot recommend Jeff Fassnacht highly enough. His solutions are elegant, his attention to detail unparalleled, his creativity, boundless. I have worked with South Bend multiple times and will continue to do so whenever possible.

Allison Arieff, SPUR Editorial Director (and writes about design for the NYTimes)




mobile-first approach

github managed workflow



Allison Arieff, Editorial Director

Karen Steen, Publications and Communications Manager

Neelu Bhuman, Web Development

South Bend Design:

Jeff Fassnacht, Web Design and Development

Dan Jaworsky, Web Development

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